Who We Are

EKMK, a female motorcycle club, brings together a group of innovative, professional, and beautiful women.  We primarily channel our energies into networking, fellowshipping, and supporting the motorcycle community throughout the United States.

The sisterhood and commitment of this club reflects our genuine love and togetherness for our community. We are dedicated to hosting a variety of social and professional events, promoting safety, helping others, and building friendships. We provide a positive image for the motorcycle community and strive to build camaraderie, loyalty, and respect.

Networking 30%
Fellowship 40%
Community Outreach 30%
Professional Women 100%
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The Founders

Our Mission

  • Sisterhood

    The relationship between sisters; an association, society, or community of women linked by a common interest, as for sociable purpose; a bond that happens overnight; just like forming a friendship, it takes time and effort; one of the most rewarding aspects of togetherness and is worth it; some says it is unconditional friends; to share the thoughts and feelings of your honest, authentic self is one of the best benefits of sisterhood; a safe space to share and heal with one another; and to call another woman a sister is to say, “I trust you”, “I have your back”, “Your feelings are valid”, and “I believe in you”.

  • Open Road

    The EKMK organization travels in groups and coupled. Our accomplishment for Open Road are: 2017 Bessie Stringfield Ride from Atlanta to Texas; and 2018 Bessie Stringfield Ride from Atlanta to Wisconsin. We also have (2) Female Club Road Runners (Angel and Rude) – In 2017, they traveled cross-country over state lines in the U.S.

  • What do we deliver?

    Our 14+ years of club membership with 100% female riders, our pride, and our professionalism.

Board of Directors 



``Phoenix Rising``

Acting Chairman

``Ms. Jackson``

Acting Vice Chairman




Public Relations Officer