In Raleigh, North Carolina, 2006 at the PROC, I met a strong, talented, wise, genuine, knowledgeable and worthy female rider named Brown Suga.
Our specific conversation was tailored around what makes a great female club?  
Brown Suga captured her thoughts around a one sentence statement which was:
“Great leadership, concrete and defined By-laws, and women who
genuinely have the same interest – Motorcycle Riding”. 
EKMK has been existence since October 2004, it is my duty and responsibility for the following:
• Understanding that GOD is always 1st in our decisions
• Maintaining knowledge and awareness that Safety is 2nd
• Maintaining and sustaining an on-going reachable vision
• Maintaining sisterhood, camaraderie and just plain togetherness
• Continuance of growth, longevity and existence as an “all” female MC.
So I ask you what makes a great female club?  
My answer is this organization, EKMK!!!

RIP Brown Suga, I miss you!